FIC Guangzhou Health Exhibition ended successfully

 NEWS    |      2021-11-24

The 2021 China International Natural Extracts and Healthy Food Ingredients Exhibition (FIC-Health Exhibition) and the 21st National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition were held in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex recently.


Leading the development of the industry and creating a model for the industry, Lvjie shares appeared at the China International Natural Extracts and Healthy Food Ingredients Exhibition. Many professional visitors from all over the country gathered here. An industry classic event was successfully created here.


Professional visitors from various industries stopped in front of the Lvjie booth to inquire about products, discuss new application scenarios of health ingredients and the direction of the health industry. Vinegar Fairy Apple Cider Vinegar, Janeff Enzyme Jelly, and Fruit Drinks, these new products are also very rewarding to the customers at the scene. They have left contact information and samples, and look forward to becoming a strategic partner.


With the continuous development of the social economy and the accelerating pace of people's lives, health issues have become a public concern. Health issues are the focus of social attention. Lvjie apple cider vinegar is a natural ingredient that is in line with market trends and consumer preferences.


In the next five years, the company, based on the current cooperation with customers from developed countries such as the United States and France, will truly realize the deepening of the European and American markets and further realize the global market layout. The 14th Five-Year Plan of Lvjie is to successfully promote Lvjie to the capital market, learn from and catch up with European and American international brands, and build a truly inheritable brand of Lvjie apple cider vinegar.