Best Apple Cider Vinegar Powder Manufacturer in China

 NEWS    |      2020-05-08

Build a high-quality and safe apple base: Our company has adopted a "company + base + farmers" and its own planting base to form a 10,000-mu apple planting industrial base. The apple base has changed the previous labor-intensive management model, and turned to mechanization, intelligence, and informatization. The saplings all use the latest varieties, adopt three-dimensional cultivation techniques and integrated management of water and fertilizer. The base is all constructed and managed according to green food standards. Apple is hired The cultivation experts guide the whole process, and the whole process can be traced and controlled, which provides high-quality and sufficient raw material guarantee for brewing fruit vinegar.

Second fermentation: The first step is the fermentation of cider. Using low-temperature fermentation method, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is connected to the pulp to control the fermentation temperature, so that the fermentation cycle is controlled in 6-7 days. The second step is apple raw vinegar fermentation. Using the proprietary acetic acid strains independently screened and cultivated by our company, and using the "Apple Vinegar Cell Immobilized Liquid Fermentation Technology" for apple raw vinegar fermentation, the fermentation time is greatly shortened, the acid conversion rate is increased, and the fermentation process is easier to control and stable . After fermentation, the original apple vinegar has a fruity aroma and pure acidity. The unique aroma of the apple is sufficient and there is no other smell.

Post-ripening: Optimized the adding process of Aspergillus niger enzyme preparation in the process of liquid-fermentation of apple raw vinegar, and improved the nutritional content and taste of raw vinegar. The raw vinegar matured after 360 days can be used for production, so that the fruity aroma of the green apple cider vinegar is strong, and the taste is soft, soft, mellow and fragrant.