Apple cider vinegar pills

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Apple cider vinegar is very popular in the natural health and wellness world.

Many claim it can lead to weight loss, decreased cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels.

To reap these benefits without having to consume liquid vinegar, some turn to apple cider vinegar pills.

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples with yeast and bacteria. Supplements in pill form contain a dehydrated form of the vinegar.

People may choose to take pills over liquid apple cider vinegar if they don’t like the vinegar’s strong taste or smell.


While some people can only take the CAPSULE or TABLET form of apple cider vinegar, others prefer to mix the POWDER form into a beverage. Apple cider vinegar can give a pungent kick in liquid form, helping your customers in a multitude of areas—from skin health to heart health. So why not offer your supplement in solid form?